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Your local and trusted cattery in Carrickfergus

Welcome to Sheerbliss Cattery

Looking for a safe and affordable boarding cattery for your cat to stay in whilst you are away? Look no further than Sheerbliss Cattery. Based in the peaceful countryside in the heart of the county Antrim, our luxury purpose-built cattery has tranquil grounds and spacious facilities to make sure your cat feels relaxed and happy at our peaceful cat boarding facility. We are passionate about what we do, and we ensure that each of our cat guests gets the friendly attention and love that they are used to. We offer affordable rates and expert pet care. Get in touch today to book your pet's stay.

cattery entrance
cat room with bed and toys
cattery doors
cattery home for cats
cat on scratch post
cat bed
cattery doors
Scottish Fold Kitten

Luxury cattery facilities

We offer a spacious, purpose-built luxury cattery fit with everything your cat needs to settle in and feel comfortable. Take the worry out of going away and trust us to take the best care of your cat. We are honoured to do what we do and consider it a lifestyle rather than a job, with over 30 years of experience working with cats of all breeds. We consider all individual requirements and offer an individualised experience for each one of our cat guests. Give us a call today to secure your cat condo for long or short stays.


Safe and friendly cat boarding

Your cat(s) will enjoy our comprehensive cat services, such as:

  • Individual and spacious rooms

  • Round the clock care and individual attention

  • Regular playtime

  • Regular exercise

  • Medication administration

  • Nutritious food catered to most dietary requirements

  • Scratch post and toys

  • Grooming

Serious Cat
two cats on a white background

Our little cat has stayed with heather twice now and each time has been perfect. The Sheerbliss Cattery is the most luxurious cat-friendly cattery I have seen. They each have very comfortable modern rooms and get free time out to play. There is a lounge area with a TV and sofa and lots of toys. Lovely peaceful countryside setting and I would highly recommend it.

- Carol

Ragdoll Cat

If you are looking for a reliable, fantastic cattery in Carrickfergus get in touch today

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